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Warm Coastal Kitchen

I recently updated these wood cabinets with a beautiful warm coastal gray finish. Check out the before and after pictures in the gallery below.



Port Orange Thermofoil

Brown Thermofoil Restoration

This clients home is in Port Orange in a golf course community. All the homes in the neighborhood were built around the same time and all have thermofoil cabinets. I love doing thermofoil cabinets, because they are the perfect example of what I can do with my refinishing process. Over time thermofoil starts to lift and peel away from the surface underneath. In Florida, the high humidity and heat environment exacerbate this problem. The client didn’t want to spend a fortune completely replacing her cabinets and came to The Cabinet Queen for help. With my process, I could give the client a completely new look without the cost of new cabinets.
The original thermofoil was a medium brown wood-like finish paired with black and stainless appliances with brown and black countertops. The client wanted to also replace the backsplash that was original to the home. To contrast the dark colors of the kitchen, I suggested bright white cabinets.
Most of the time I just refinish the cabinets but this client also requested the table to be painted to match the updated cabinets. The table was an oak table that matched the original thermofoil cabinets but would not match the new white cabinets. The tabletop was painted with black chalk paint to enhance her black-and-white kitchen. Painting the table as well as the cabinets really brought the room together and made it look brand new. The client also provided new hardware for the cabinets. The hardware was some of the best I have seen and really tied in well with the black-and-white style. They were handles with a black ceramic centerpiece surrounded by a thin braid of brushed-nickel. In just over a week this client had a brand-new look that she loved. Using the proven process from The Cabinet Queen I can make thermofoil cabinets look brand new! Do you have old thermofoil cabinets? Don’t throw them away, call The Cabinet Queen at (386) 500-8558.

Check out the gallery below to see the beautiful new cabinets:

Daytona Beach Oak Wood

Oak Cabinet Makeover

I got a call recently from a client asking to update her old oak cabinets. The oak cabinets fit well with the original look of her ranch style home. However, over the years the oak cabinets have started to look dated. With new countertops and stainless-steel appliances, traditional oak cabinets look out of place.
The client not only wanted an updated look to blend with her new appliances and countertop, but she wished for an antique look that would blend in with her collection of antiques as well. Trying to match both modern stainless with a collection of antiques is no small feat, but after sampling several colors and options we settled on the perfect one. Through my color consultation we selected an off-white base color, followed by a soft glaze over the base color. This creates an antique look, but the off-white blends with the countertops, stainless appliances, and existing tile floor.
Getting the antique glazed look is a difficult task only the pros at The Cabinet Queen can deliver. To get a smooth glaze look, a special brush and technique are required to work the glaze over the top of the base coat. This process takes a lot of time and meticulous craftsmanship but in 10 days the refinished cabinets were installed at the client’s home. The client provided new brushed nickel hardware for the refinished cabinets. The brushed-nickel really brought the style together, blending the stainless appliances to the cabinet hardware.
Matching cabinets to both modern appliances and traditional antiques is no small task, but The Cabinet Queen delivered. The client loved her new off-white cabinets without having to replace the original cabinets. Refinishing cabinets with The Cabinet Queen provided a cheaper solution than replacing or refacing, while giving the client an updated finish she loved. If you’re ready to get your cabinets updated, give The Cabinet Queen a call at (386) 500-8558.

Check out the gallery below:

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