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Bring New Life by Refinishing Existing Furniture

Bring New Life by Refinishing Existing Furniture

December 2022

Are you looking for new ways to remodel your home? While many people are remodeling their kitchens, floors, and backspaces, did you know you can refinish your furniture? It is time to modernize your furniture, changing the colors and making it look new!

Just like refinishing the cabinets in your home, refinishing your old furniture is a great way to breathe new life into old pieces while keeping all the memories that come with it. Here are four benefits to refinishing your old furniture.

Older Furniture Is Often Made Better
Have you ever wondered how your grandparents have had the same furniture for over 50 years? This is because older furniture was constructed with sturdy and reliable materials – the phrase “built to last” rings true.

Suppose you are looking for that “built to last” type of furniture that your grandparents had. In that case, you should consider refinishing or repainting all of that old furniture – making it look brand new while keeping all the sentimental value and memories intact. You will not regret it.

It Can Be a Money Saver
Do you know how much well-built and sturdy furniture goes for today? They probably go for a hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars. Who has that kind of money to spend?

Have you ever been thrift shopping? Finding amazing things at a bargain is what it is all about! But, just like thrifting, it is time to give your old furniture a new outlook on life. Sitting somewhere covered in dust and cobwebs is a gold mine just waiting for you. So before you are shocked by the price tag on all of that new furniture in the store (or online), consider furniture refinishing.

You Will Get Something Completely Unique
Are you looking for furniture that is unique? Then refinishing or repainting your old furniture, and replacing its aging hardware, is defiantly something you want to do. It doesn’t matter if you like that piece of furniture initially. When you refinish furniture, it is like having a blank canvas. Instead of picking the same thing as everyone else (like you do at the store), you will be able to do your own thing. You are creating something completely one-of-a-kind and original.

So, why not when you refinish your old furniture (that stuff you thought you would never use again)? Then, what you create will have all the character you put into it. There will not be another one like it anywhere else – and you will save yourself a pretty penny.

It Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Have you been looking for something that you can do for the environment? For example, do you have any old furniture just sitting around? Are you looking to toss it to make room for new furniture? If yes, then there is one great option for everyone involved. That would be for you to save the environment (and money) and take that old furniture to be refinished!

Kill three birds with one stone. Taking your old furniture to be refinished means you can get something completely one-of-a-kind, save money, and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

From your cabinets to your furniture, The Cabinet Queen has the refinishing services that you need. Schedule a free estimate today if you want to refinish your old furniture (making it bright, shiny, and new). Use our online form above or call (386) 500-8558.

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