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Looking for a way to give your kitchen, living room, or bathroom a fresh look at an affordable price? The Cabinet Queen is the premiere cabinet refinisher in three Florida counties and they have ideas that will turn your outdated cabinets into the jaw-dropping envy of the neighborhood for far less than refacing or replacing. If you live in Volusia, Flagler, or Orange county and you are curious about how your space could be transformed with refinished cabinets, check out these top reasons The Cabinet Queen is Florida’s go to cabinet refinisher.

Trusted by Manufacturers for Her Expertise
You know you’ve made it to the top of your industry when the most popular paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore send you paint products to test and review for them. Recently, Mike Mundwiller, End User Product Experience Manager for Benjamin Moore & Co., requested a test and review of a new line of paint stating, “we really need your expertise and input in evaluating some experimental versions.” Why? Over the past 30 years, the team at The Cabinet Queen have earned a reputation for always seeking for the highest quality paint products to help their clients enjoy a professional look with inviting colors that will withstand the test of time in any setting. So, when prominent paint manufacturers like Benjamin Moore need assistance with putting their latest products through the most rigorous standards, they know who to contact – The Cabinet Queen of Port Orange, Florida!

Unmatched Knowledge & Experience
With more than 30 years in painting and refinishing industry, The Cabinet Queen team is eager to assist clients and manufacturers with advice that stems from success stories and challenges that other companies have yet to encounter. Such experience cannot be taught in a course, gleaned from a YouTube video, or read in a product brochure. These are experts in the refinishing field who are passionate about attaining the professional aesthetic clients want without having to pay the hefty price tag of refacing or replacing, and they cannot wait to put that knowledge to use as they showcase their talents in homes across Volusia, Flagler, and Orange counties.

Only the Best Pass Our Rigorous Standards
What started as a way to save clients money on upgrading their cabinets has become a never-ending quest for the best products and tools available. Nothing but the top paint, materials, tools, and techniques will pass The Cabinet Queen standards. As a result, hiring with this team allows clients the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the strategic process, high-quality paint, finely-honed techniques, and pro-level tools.

A Fresh Professionally Upgraded Look at an Affordable Price
Why replace or reface when a professional refinishing is all the client needs to get the updated aesthetic to their kitchen, living room, bathroom, study, or bonus room they are after? The Cabinet Queen team is skilled at turning meh into trendy and fresh within a short time span and with a small restoration budget. This is because refinishing is but a fraction of the cost of replacing or refacing, which in turn means those savings can be passed along to other updates like flooring or decorative touches. Voilà! A whole new professionally upgraded look at a low cost.

Expanded Services to 3x Florida Counties!
Today, The Cabinet Queen has expanded its stellar services into three Florida counties: Volusia, Flagler and Orange. Such an expansion allows more access to the most sought after cabinet refinishing team in the area! All it takes to start an estimate is a quick call or completed form on our website. It’s that easy!

The Reviews are In!
We don’t expect our future clients to take our word for it that The Cabinet Queen team is the best in the biz. Check out what one of our past clients said about our work and how it is setting the standard for homeowners looking to update their cabinets.  

Ready to Get a New Look in Your Home with Cabinet Refinishing?

Simply give us a call at (386) 500-8558 or fill out our contact form online to speak with a cabinet expert and get a free estimate for your project. We look forward to showing you the beauty and charm of a professionally refinished cabinet. It’s the easiest and least expensive way to brighten, refresh, or otherwise transition your space into one you’ll love to call home.


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